Yesterday Diana von Furstenberg, the inventor of the oh so flattering wrap-dress, presented her Spring 2012 collection during the New York Fashion week.

Bold, nature-inspired prints featured florals and leaves as motifs, while elsewhere other prints had an Oriental influence.


The iconic wrap dress shape was given an update as breezy shirtwaister or cinched cobalt tunic

Watching appreciatively from the front row were fellow fashion royalty Valentino and Oscar de la Renta, as well as actress Susan Sarandon, uber-stylist┬áRachel Zoe and heiress and socialite Nicky Hilton, their disparate ages and personal style evidence of von Furstenberg’s far-reaching appeal.

The collection, dubbed ‘Beginnings,’ was a celebration of Africa, said the designer -‘not colonial Africa or safari Africa,
but Africa at the core,’ Diana von Furstenberg said.

Still, falling as it did on September 11, while the country was holding memorial ceremonies, von Furstenberg too paid
tribute to the nation, handing out U.S. flags to her audience.

The designer also pledged top make a donation in each guest’s name to the September 11 Families Association.

‘The world is changing for so many reasons, all I can do is good work, give good quality, hopeful colours” Diana von Furstenberg said.

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