Where to invest in? Shoes? Yep: Shoes!

There´s been extended research on the effect of new shoes on women. Shoe-shopping and actually finding the pair of shoes you simply can NOT live without  is often compared with the effect of good sex or chocolate…SOMETHING happens in our brain that makes us feel on top of the world when we find THE PAIR OF SHOES THAT CHANGES OUR LIVES…If you read my column “the girl with the patent leather shoes” you see it is proven women (or just me??) are prepared to put in a lot of effort to actually obtain the shoes they want.

Personally I am crazy about Jimmy Choo: I choose to buy one pair a year to build my shoe collection slowly with the powder coloured boxes of Jimmy Choo: my favourite ones are the nude coloured pumps: they are not too high, look very elegant and because of the nude colour makes my legs look longer… Then all year around I follow the trends and find a trendy pair at Zara a few times a year . I once was in London on a business trip and found a pair of satin tigerprint pumps. I was with a colleague (male: so figures!) who really wanted me to buy the shoes. I was not sure. But I bought them and boy: these turned out to be the shoes everyone still compliments me about! Later on D&G had the the exact same shoes in the collection.

But sometimes shoes are so Arty and Unique that no one makes a copy of them:  For example the shoes of Charlotte Olympia. Charlotte Dellal, originally from Brazil, is a London bases IT girl who launched her first shoe collection in 2006. Inspired by the bright colours often seen in Brazil, the Charlotte Olympia shoes are bright coloured and a bit excentric..Kate Moss is a big fan amongst other celebs. Charlotte is colaborating, and will continue to do so, with London based fashion designers and recently launched her collection at New York based Bergdorf and Goodman on Fith Avenue.  En0ugh talking: lets have a look at the foot-jewelry of Charlotte Olympia!

The Banana Is My Business shoe













The Poly Leopard shoe









The Paloma Satin Platform

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