When in Soho, New York: Visit Balthazar, there where a croissant is still a croissant!

Balthazar is such a charming and famous boulangerie in Soho: you simply MUST visit!

Okay…okay…a croissant ham/cheese will set you back for almost 9 dollars but heeeeee…..what’s 9 dollars????:)

I have to admit I did not know that it was possible to buy a croissant in a charming but simple boulangerie for that amount of money so I decided to eat it and enjoy every bite of it and it has to be said: it was a really good croissant! (I even asked if a mistake was made at the register:))

You’ll find Balthazar at 80 Spring Street, your croissant will be wrapped as a piece of jewelry in a cute bag…

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