Wanna become a fashionable video star?

Listen carefully; because I will only say this once;):

DJ Bob Sinclar will be shooting the video of his next summer hit and you can be in it!!!!

This news came in a few minutes ago at the office of www.frontrowchic.com

“A new hit for the Summer. A crazy and glamorous video. To be shot on March 15th at Dolce&Gabbana’s Milanese restaurant. Here is how Swide takes you inside the video.

Only few things left to adjust but one thing is definite: the date of the shoot. It will be held on March 15th at Gold Restaurant (by Dolce&Gabbana), in Milan. Dj Bob Sinclar will be shooting the video of his next summer hit. Swide will select 5 people to participate in the video. Do you also want to take part in Bob Sinclar’s video on March 15th , 2011, at Gold Milan?

If you are under 30 and think you can come up with an extravagant look for the shoot, go on Swide’s Facebook Page, publish your picture on the wall and explain why you want to take part in Bob Sinclar’s video. Remember you must be extravagant! The video will be shown on all TV channels across the globe! Be extravagant”

So what are you waiting for? Go to Swide´s facebook page and before you know it you´ll be swinging with Bob Sinclar!! Good luck!

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