Victoria Beckham: here to stay!

Is there anything Victoria Beckham canĀ“t do? A few weeks ago Victoria Beckham showed her Winter collection 2011 during the New York Fashion Week.

I admire Victoria. Having had a great career as a Spice Girl, she developed into a fashion icon, is wife and mother of 3 (soon to be 4) children and a fashion designer since a fews years.

Her new collection has a more loose fitted silhouette (this has nothing to do with her pregnancy: the collection was already designed when Victoria found out that she was pregnant); mixed with the signature body-loving hourglass dresses (this season in bright shades of saffron, magenta, and vermilion, and featuring curving seams that shape the torso)

Victoria gets women and has – again – designed an elegant, feminine collection with style and a touch of sexiness. Hopefully Victoria will be around for a long time: not only as the good designer she is but also as a fashion icon as she is always so interesting to follow.














































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