The new IT bag!

Forget The Birkin, forget the D-bag, forget…all IT bags for a little while because there is a new IT bag. And this bag is here to stay!

For those of you who did not know about this yet (and you can´t admit this because a REAL fashionista ALWAYS knows ALL about the latest IT bag) I will tell you quickly: it´s the “Miss Sicily” and maybe the name gives you a clue: Dolce & Gabbana are the designers!

Since Spring 2010 the bag got its recognition as IT bag. Before we take a look at the Miss Sicily a quick lesson on what makes a bag an IT bag.

First of all the bag needs to be versatile so you can use it at all different kind of occassions. Secondly the bag needs to be available in all kinds of colours and prints and needs to be updated every season. Thirdly the bag needs to follow the trends without falling out of fashion the next year. And last but not least: A-list celebs, people we all look up to need to “wear” the bag.

So ladies (and gents) lets have a look at our Miss Sicily and see if we like her..;)















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