The girl with the patent leather shoes…

I always love a good fairytale…specially because they end so well…I have one for you…

Once upon a time there was a slightly older girl who was a real fashionista..This girl could become madly in love with a dress, a bag or shoes..(nothing new, I can hear you think!).

One warm morning in August the girl saw a picture of THE shoes…the shoes were on the feet of supermodel Kate Moss and had a pointy nose and the highest heels and were made of the shiniest black patent leather the girl ever saw…The shoes had a red sole so you know that the girl is talking about pumps of designer Louboutin.

The girl wanted the shoes…no, she NEEDED the shoes otherwise her life would not be complete (recognize it so far?;)). The girl lived in the land of the wooden shoes and contacted all shoe stores that sold Louboutin…the owners of the shoe shops were very sorry for the slightly older girl: no, they did not sell the Pigalle 120 Patent pumps. The girl phoned to shoe shops in Belgium; not available there as well! The girl did not understand: why did no shoe shop sell these gorgeous MUST-HAVE shoes?

If you think that the girl gave up you are wrong. Maybe you did not know yet, but the girl was a sales representative in the ICT sector in real life, so the word “giving up” did not exist in her book. The girl picked up the phone and dialed the number of the Louboutin shop in Paris. With her best French (not so good) she asked the shoe shop manager if this shop sold THE shoes..She almost fainted when the manager said: yes we do. The girl asked the manager would he hold the shoes for her till Saterday?

The slightly older girl had a Mini-me of 12 years old. Mini-me was not too excited to hear she had to get in the car very early Saterday morning to drive to Paris (only 5 hours drive: what are we talking about?;)). But when the girl told the Mini-me she could also see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Mini-me agreed and went along on the trip.

After a long drive the girl and Mini-me arrived in Paris and went to the Louboutin shop..There she tried on the shoes and..they fitted! Mini-me sighed: she never saw shoes that looked so fabulous on the girl. The girl walked a few steps and than..her feet felt like someone was stabbing knifes into them. She could not walk on the shoes! Not even a few minutes! These gorgeous shoes could only be worn sitting down and even than they hurt very badly. The girl could not believe it! She thought about buying a wheelchair so she could sit in it wearing the heels but Mini-me said she would not push the chair..

Ultimately the girl decided not the buy the shoes and off they went to the Louvre…they had a very nice day walking around and even visited the first Chanel shop where Coco Chanel used to live. So the trip turned out very nice after all.

A month or 2 later the girl walked around in her hometown and passed a shoe shop and there she saw very nice black high heeled patent leather pumps. She went into the shop and guess what? They fitted and she could even walk around on them! the life of the girl was complete!!

Sometimes you think you have to travel far to get what you desire but then it turns out that the object of your desire was near you all along  (deep thoughts right?;))…But it makes you wonder: how crazy can one be to drive so far to try on one pair of shoes????;)

Well: I know you want to see the Louboutin shoes now: so here a few pics of them! Enjoy!

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