The comeback of the Fedora

Since decades men are wearing hats. Specially in the ´30´s, 40´s and ´50´s. No caps or knitten little hats but real stylish HATS. We all know moviestar Humphrey Bogart who wore a Fedora as kind of a trademark. The Fedora was also seen a lot on business men. Apparently the Fedora is making a comeback on men (although I have not seen it yet, but maybe I don´t operate in the right environment;)).

Anyway, the fashion designers have picked up on the Fedora trend a for the coming Winterseason ´11/´12.  Gucci, John Galliano and Dolce & Gabbana are one of the designers to incorparete the Fedors in their new collections. Ofcourse the Fedora is also a part of one of the coming trends: the “man suit” for women



























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