Styling inspiration for today: Fashion is FUN

Why do we get dressed? Well: first of all because its not done to walk around naked but if we get passed the functional stuff it comes down to wearing what feels comfortable to you. That could be a baggy jogging pants to hang around on the coach (My favourite if I´m  home alone) and sometimes you feel like dressing up for yourself to make you feel really good.

For me: fashion is fun! Ofcourse I don´t go into a customer meeting (I work in ICT) dressed in a bright yellow catsuit, but fashion to me is Wearing what makes me happy…

Seeing a part of the delicious D&G winter collection makes my mouth water!

Oh boy, I want it all!!!!!!!! Seeing the tutu inspired skirts in bright colours with the printed t-shirts and matching sneaker inspired shoes makes me want to wear that right away: NOW!!!!!! Have a look and maybe you can incorporate a little bit of this into your look today;)

Have a great day today!

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