Street style: relaxed Saturday

Front Row Chic went for brunch and a bit of shopping to the popular Cornelis Schuytstreet today. We made lots of nice photos for you and we have great tips on where to go. So more to come soon…

but first things first! We went to our favourite Optician “Bril” where we tried some new trendy glasses and sunglasses and ran into fashionable Daphne.

Daphne lives in Amsterdam and looks relaxed but very fashionably dressed in a trendy jeans, sneakers, sweater and a great belt.

Daphne combined her look with a gorgeous orange Hermes bag with matching Hermes bracelet. Orange is one of the most trendy colours of the season so Daphne got it all right. Combined with the great sunglasses of Bril (which is the Dutch word for glasses) Daphne will turn quite a few heads!

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