Spring trend: the coloured pants

The coloured pants seem to make a comeback once again.

I remember wearing pink pants as a 12 year old combined with a matching t-shirt. That was the summer that boys started noticing me and I was too shy to look up and kept my eyes on the road..

Now as a revival of the Eighties the coloured pants are back!! And I bought one: a pink jeans. Happy as a Twelve-year old I came home and showed Mini-me (now 12 years old) my new pink jeans…Much to my disappointment Mini-me looked disgusted  “OMG..such an ugly colour!” A little upset I showed my pink treasure to my friend who was very enthusiastic about it.

I can´t wait to start wearing my pink jeans: and..this time I won´t be looking down if a cute guy notices me;)

Now, where do u find affordable coloured pants? From catwalk:













To your closet

Zara Pants, around 40 dollars


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