Being in the spotlights is NOT an easy job! You always have to look your best and critics – like me:) – are ruthless..

And precisely that is the reason stylists are invented. Many stars depend on their stylist to make them look their absolute best!

Specially for events like the Cannes Film Festival: as a star your appearance is your business card! You are the Product!

Last night another star-studded night on the Red Carpet with stars as Claudia Schiffer, Clotilde Hesme and Gwen Stefani..Ofcourse their faces look great and all ladies are in great shape: nothing negative about that BUT THESE DRESSES!!!

Is this ALL they could come up with? The lacy D&G dress of Claudia looks like a nightgown I have.

Probably a lot of deep thoughts went into the design of Clotilde, but sadly no one understands WHY AND WHAT???

 And the dress of Gwen is very mediocre to say the least.

Our verdict: SACK THE STYLIST!!!!

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