Red Rock Canyon trip in Mohabi desert

This afternoon Mini me and I went to take the Red Rock Canyon tour in the Mohabi desert. This 4 hour trip is less than an hour drive from Las Vegas Strip and shows you great and impressive views..We visited the National Conservation area and went to the visitor center to learn more about the history and the nature, The high Point Overlook and of course the Willow Springs picnic Area where the Indians used to cook and come together.

Great tour with John Johnson (driver/guide) and a very nice Canadian Couple Brad and Katy..

Here some photos: in case you might wonder where my hiking outfit is?

Well first of all I don’t have one and besides that: a true Fashionista ALWAYS stays fashionable UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES…Yes I wore high heels on the trip…and yes I climbed a kind of dangerous big rock…but…I did it in style!!! :) (i hope you all know that I am writing this with a big wink;)

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