Pierre Balmain launches 2nd fashion “diffusion” line but…a group of new designers will design the capsule collection

Driven by the changing market and competitors the house of Pierre Balmain has decided to launch a second – more affordable – clothing range, named “diffusion line”..

Like Marc Jacobs who also launched a more affordable line ” Marc by Marc Jacobs” and Versace with “Versus”, Dolce & Gabbana with D&G (need I go on?), the house of Pierre Balmain has decided it’s time for a younger and more affordable line.

Balmain, with prices that range between 2.000 and 8.000 dollars for a jacket or some pants, is now only affordable for “the happy few”….(I always wonder how I would feel if I had such an expensive clothing item and it would be destroyed somehow: something like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg” and then very loud!)

Anyway: this younger capsule line is supposed to draw a younger crowd with prices in the range between 105 and 800 dollars (still not EL CHEAPO if you ask me).

Unlike above mentioned other designers with 2nd lines, the Pierre Balmain design team will not be designing the capsule collection, which I find a bit disappointing: IS IT A REAL BALMAIN THEN? The collection will hit the stores in December with the cruise collection 2012.

And Front Row Chic would not be Front Row Chic if we did not have a sneak peek for you:)

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