Now THAT is a look fit for a lady!

I can’t believe my eyes!!! Lady Gaga is looking all classy, chic and stylish stepping out in New York.

What a lady! Is she inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s look in Breakfast at Tiffany?

Certainly looks like it!

It’s a sweet (af)fair..fancy some chocolate?

Well if you do…there is enough for us all!

Believe it or not: there is actually a special CHOCOLATE FAIR IN Paris, France, named “Salon du Chocolat”…and it must be said: the chocolatiers have outdone themselves creating chocolate dresses that floated over a true catwalk..the models were having fun and tried to eat a little bit of their outfits now and then..

Presenter Karine Ferri wore a very creative chocolate dress which kind of melted and fell off her during the show: but Karine being a professional kept her cool and proceeded. I guess even at a Chocolate Fair the show must go on!:)


Miu Miu has a change of heart

There was a lot of talking going on when Miu Miu announced using 14-year-old Hailey Steinfeld to model the Autumn/winter Ready-to-wear collection 2011/2012.

One of the heard comments was how models seem te be getting younger every year and how it’s not realistic to see fashion on such young girls while the women who can afford this kind of design items are at least 20 years older.

Miu Miu seem to have listened to the critics as for the next campaign 34-year-old model Guinevere is hired..and to tell you the truth: this grown-up-fashion seems more suitable shown by an adult woman!

A night in Tel Aviv: what to wear

Tel Aviv is such a great city! On my last night in Tel Aviv my good friend Oskar and I first went out for sushi and then to a roof party/wine tasting with an international crowd.

What to wear on a warm night in trendy Tel Aviv? Keep it simple and add great accessories to make your look special! One of the best accessories (AND FREE TOO!) is a real flower in your hair: gives you a great and exotic look and if you have a bad hairday (like I had) it makes you look great..

I wore a Zara jeans, golden flip-flops from Ann Taylor New York, a silk v-back shirt of Zara (35 dollars!), a golden cuff (12 dollars vintage shop Amsterdam) and my latest treasure: the golden/bronze sequins clutch/purse of Zara (45 dollars)

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