Dead Sea Minerals: new trend skincare

Imagine my joy when I found out that – almost literally – in the middle of nowhere (if you can say that about the most breathtaking nature below sea-level in Israel near the Dead Sea) a huge shopping opportunity emerged in front of me;)

There: in the mountains, near the Dead Sea, we found the laboratories of Skin Care Producer Ahava..My friend Oskar and I drove together by car but we were not the only ones to visit Ahava.

This is the place to be: here the products are produced and packaged and luckily for the buses filled with tourists: the shop was open en sold the whole range of Dead Sea Minerals skin care products. Because it’s almost my birthday Oskar bought me the bodyscrub: great product and I bought the facial mud mask (I’m a big fan), bodylotion and handcreme…The products are not only for sale in Israel but also online via webshops worldwide. Just google Ahava and find out more about this great range of skin care products made of Dead Sea Minerals.

Weekend styling tip: relaxed but fashionable

Whether you go out for a walk in the park, do some shopping, get out for a Macchiato..dress relaxed, easy but fashionable for the weekend!

We ran into this girl in the street today and thought she pulled of the weekend-style perfectly

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