Victoria Beckham does it again! After being very successful with the Spice Girls Victoria launched her own fashion range a few years ago with VB jeans. The business developed into two fashion lines: Victoria and Victoria Beckham which both show during the New York Fashion Week. Posh always had passion for fashion but could never imagine to become such a succesful designer who dresses the A-list stars like Kate Winslet and Cheryl Cole. The first 3 months of this year the fashion line of Posh generated more than a staggering 23 million dollars! In between Victoria gave birth to her 4th child, finally a little mini-me: Harper!

Is there anything Posh can’t turn into a success? Congrats girl!!


Spring collection 2012 Victoria Beckham


Are YOU ready for Halloween???

It will be one week and then: YEH,  Halloween! Are you ready to scare some people????

Well Mariah Carey and her husband Nick certainly are: fully dressed as the Incredibles it wasn’t enough for them to be the ones to wear a costume: little Monroe and Morroccan (WHO came up with that name??) have to celebrate Halloween as well: like it or not!!!


From catwalk to YOUR closet!

Stella McCartney is one of my favorite designers EVER! Her designs are new, have a strong silhouette which emphasises the strength of the woman without loosing her femininity.

There is only one thing I don’t like about her designs and that’s the price tag! I simply can’t afford it but if I could..

The bodycon polcodot sheer dress of Stella McCartney is the hit of this season..the A-listers love the dress so much they don’t care that other celebs are already spotted wearing it..

Well, I’ve some good news! YOU can wear the dress too…not the Stella one but a perfect copycat of the dress produced by Spanish fashion retailer Mango. For as little at 60 dollars you’ll be wearing your own bodycon polcadot dress.

Celebs like Susan Sarandon, Doutzen Kroes, Anastasia and Kate Winslet are standing in line to wear Stella’s hit of the season! You don’t have to: just visit your local Mango shop or go to










































Have a look at the Mango polcadot dress: looks great, don’t you think?

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