Lady Gaga goes Gaga at Thierry Mugler fashion show

Lady Gaga will sing a New Song  at the Thierry Mugler Fashion Show In Paris today. Lady Gaga is teaming up with stylist, friend and frequent collaborator Nicola Formichetti again for a Paris Fashion Week show today. According to the “Grazia Daily” fashion website, the pop star is expected to perform a brand new song live at the Thierry Mugler fashion show, where Formichetti will unveil his new collection for the the label. Gaga debuted a remix of her song “Scheisse” at another Mugler show in January, and some expect her to perform the album-version of the song this time around. Lady Gaga has been working with the French fashion label a lot lately. Most recently, she wore Thierry Mugler designs in her “Born This Way” video, which debuted earlier this week.

I can´t wait to see what Lady Gaga is wearing during her performance…I will post the photos ASAP!

Wow! Oh my Gucci!!!!!

The Paris Fashion week ready to wear Autumn/winter ´11/´12 has just started so more about this later today but I thought of serving you something really fashionlicious for Breakfast!!;)

Gucci last week celebrated its 90th anniversary with the ready to wear collection for upcoming winter and I could not be more enthusiastic. Clearly inspired by the 70´s and Anjelica Huston the collection has turned out to be: feminine, colourful, stylish and sexy… Colourblocking being already a theme this spring/summer Gucci is again playing with colours using beautiful orange, emerald green, Purple, Red and Blue, combining them in a daring but stylish way. The models were wearing fedoras, fur, suede and leather…Gucci pulled it of once again: oh my Gucci!!!!!  

J. Crew´s Shareholders Approve $3 Billion Buyout

After extensive negotiations, J.Crew’s public shareholders succumbed to CEO Mickey Drexler’s offer, allowing the company to be taken private by TPG Capital and Leonard Green for $43.50 a share, or about $3 billion. They deal will close by March 7, according to Bloomberg.

That means J.Crew will no longer be a public company. You won’t be able to buy J.Crew stock, and the information that the retailer reveals about its financials will be less detailed, at least until its ready to go public again.

This is great news, both for the shareholders and the company. Why? Well, despite its lead in the specialty retail market, J.Crew has struggled a bit as of late in the women’s department. Although it’s not entirely clear why. It could be for a million reasons: it might have to do with devotees being off-put by “Collection” prices ($400 blazers, $600 dresses); it might have to do with merchandising, it might have to do with over-expansion.

Whatever the problem, it will be easier for Drexler and co. to take care of it behind closed doors. That’s the tricky thing about retail stocks. Stores go in and out of fashion like trends, but shareholders are rarely patient enough to understand that. Those who own stock of J.Crew are most certainly getting the most for their money because of the buyout. And J.Crew will be able to fix its internal problems without resorting to financial strategies that could change the store we all know and love so much way too drastically.


The cuff!

True style is never out of fashion! This also goes for really good accessoires. For example the cuff! The cuff was worn by Coco Chanel in the roaring Twenties…Coco was a master in combining accessoires and jewelry. In a time it was “not done” Coco combined fake pearls with real ones and… oh did she have fun!

She made a well fitted but plain black dress into a true fashion statement! But back to the cuff: Coco often wore 2 identical cuffs,

decorated with stones… And, guess what? The cuff is back in all shapes, forms and prices,  so go and have a look and pick yours to update your wardrobe instantly!

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