Mugler: A Strong Shoulder to lean on!

What is it about the Eighties? Is it cause I was a teenager at that time that I still start singing out loud when I hear “She´s fresh, fresh, exciting”, “it´s raining men” or “At the carwash”?

My teenage mini me is very ashamed to be related to me or even worse: to walk next to such a strange woman on the street when I sing songs from the past; but it makes me feel like a girl again: a disco girl with a cobalt blue skirt combined with a sweater or blazer with BIG shoulders (let´s not talk about my perm because I don´t know HOW I could have thought that THAT was EVER a good idea!)…

So you can imagine my joy when seeing the new Mugler Autumn/Winter collection ´11/´12 that was designed by Nicola Formichetti. Strong shoulders all around, furthermore designs with sheer parts that makes the collection even more powerful and sexy..

All in all: The collection is fun and edgy but I don´t know if I would get away with wearing this to work!;)

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