Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton want to add more value to get you to buy very expensive goods.

Louis Vuitton is THE MONEYMAKER of the LVMH Group and the luxury brand company spends a lot of money so you can have the perfect luxury shopping experience. London’s Bond Street opened its Louis Vuitton flagship London store. The impressive three-storey building has a two storey wall of trunks, to showcase the Vuitton tradition of working in leather – and a glass and LED staircase. The cost of this building was not disclosed but is thought to be somewhere around 50m dollars.  An investment like this is not un-usual as it’s planned a long time ahead and the Flagship store should be up to date for at least 15 years.

But the most interesting about the new Flagship store isn’t the building but the artwork including oeuvres by Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons.Very clever as customers nowadays want to justify an investment like a very expensive bag (Even people fortunate enough to be able to buy a very expensive bag think again since the crisis)it should add something to their lives and when having the perfect experience and feel like being in a museum the luxury goods get a more “valuable” feel…and one can justify buying that must have bag.  

So when in London: have a look at the Flagship Louis Vuitton store: you can see the latest and greatest bags AND admire art: all-in-one: now THAT is to me the PERFECT experience!

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