Louis Vuitton Spring 2012: The icing on the cake!

Louis Vuitton was one of the last ones to show at a long month of Fashion shows in Milan, New York, London and Paris and we have no doubt that this collection is the “Icing on the cake”.

Marc Jacobs decided it was time to change so after a rather fetish-y collection for the Fall Jacobs designed a very feminine and fairytale  looking Spring collection: Broderie anglaise dresses came veiled in pastel shades of organza; laser-cut lace tops and skirts were sealed in silk cellophane—the suggestion being, perhaps, that the contents were too precious to be unwrapped.

Great dresses in soft pastels lead the way to a feminine look for Spring: I can’t wait!

Kate Moss made a rare catwalk appearance: Moss and Jacobs are longtime friends

Finally: the elegant pointy-toe trend is hot again: let’s go with the platform!


Soft pastels at Lous Vuitton: inspired by 80’s hit series Miami Vice?

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