Let me share a secret with you: Ladress!

Ladies, As you all know I come from the land of the wooden shoes. This does not mean that I walk around in a Dutch Costume and wooden shoes..Ofcourse we have all the big brands in the Netherlands just as the rest of the world does but we have something that you probably do not know about…Ladress! The word says it all: The Dress!

And that is exactly what this Dutch company designs and sells: Dresses!

The founder and designer of Ladress is Simone van Trojen. Simone was having a great business career but had difficulties to find THE perfect dress. The dress that canbe be worn to the office, business meetings but also to “after work drinks” or parties. A dress that can be all in one by adjusting the accessoires and shoes..

Simone decided to design the perfect dress and sell it via the internet. This was the beginning of the succesful business. Simone started with one design that makes every woman look great. This design is the basis of a great variety of dresses.

The model combined with the use of highly qualified fabrics makes you look your best!

Ladress sells wrap dresses, pencil dresses, button down dresses, halter dresses in materials like silk, jersey, wool, crepe satin and lycra. Recently Ladress also added great leather dresses to the collection. Besides the great dresses Ladress also sells MLTD (my little Tshirt Dress: great for the weekends!!!)

My wardrobe consists for a substantial part of Ladress. The dresses are comfortable and have a great fit.  Most of the dresses can be washed yourself and you hardly have to iron them (important for working mothers like myself).

And last but not least: I always get lots of compliments wearing Ladress;)

Good news: Order Ladress online via www.ladress.com and let me tell you first-hand: Ladress has a great services and the ladies of Ladress are very sweet;)




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