Less is so much more!

My mother always says: There is a fashion style for everyone. And that´s true. Nowadays we have so many trends at the same time that each and everyone can find a style to which he or she can relate to.

More and more it´s about individuality and wearing what looks good on YOU and where you feel comfortable in. A dress or a suit should make YOU look your best and not over-shadow your personality. You and your dress/suit have to be ONE and it should not be “where is that dress going with that girl?”

One of this Season´s trends is Minimalism. A clean cut style. An easy style because it is minimalistic but also dangerous: the cut of a design needs to be really good otherwise it will be obvious and spoil the dress/suit.

The positive site about this style is: it will make a great impression at work. You look sophisticated and sharp. And you don´t have to worry in the morning what to wear. With a few Minimalistic pieces  you can´t go wrong! Stella McCartney, Michael Kors and Armani Collezioni have great pieces. Have a look:










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