Lady Gaga goes Gaga at Thierry Mugler fashion show

Lady Gaga will sing a New Song  at the Thierry Mugler Fashion Show In Paris today. Lady Gaga is teaming up with stylist, friend and frequent collaborator Nicola Formichetti again for a Paris Fashion Week show today. According to the “Grazia Daily” fashion website, the pop star is expected to perform a brand new song live at the Thierry Mugler fashion show, where Formichetti will unveil his new collection for the the label. Gaga debuted a remix of her song “Scheisse” at another Mugler show in January, and some expect her to perform the album-version of the song this time around. Lady Gaga has been working with the French fashion label a lot lately. Most recently, she wore Thierry Mugler designs in her “Born This Way” video, which debuted earlier this week.

I can´t wait to see what Lady Gaga is wearing during her performance…I will post the photos ASAP!

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