Karl Lagerfeld sketches for biography Coco Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld, the ultimate expert on Gabrielle Chanel, was so enamored with Justine Picardie’s recent biography of the fashion legend that he created a series of original sketches for a new edition about to be published by Steidl.  A German edition is set for release in April, with the English version to follow in June.

Harper Collins first published the book last year. It recounts in detail Chanel’s presence in the London society during the Forties and Fifties, and her love affair with a German official. The Steidl version retails for 38 EUR, or about 53 dollars.

Although I have read several books about the life of Coco Chanel I can´t wait for this book to be available in English! Chanel is such an interesting, inspiring  and strong woman I always love to read about her.

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