Jessica Simpson: a clever business woman

Jessica Simpson and her husband at that time Nick Lachey were the stars in one of the first, if not THE first, reallife soaps. Everyone loved watching the loved-up couple on TV.  Was the show successful because it was one of the first reallife soaps or was it because Jessica Simpson pretended(?) to be a real blonde? Her attractive appearance combined with her sweet innocence and stupid remarks were certainly a success factor.

I have always had my doubts about the lack of intelligence of Jessica Simpson. I mean: how stupid are you if you are a mediocre singer and become so successful first with a reallife soap and than as a business woman with a VERY successful clothing- and shoe- line..Her fashion empire is expected to hit $1 billion in retail sales next year!

Another singer with a successful fashion brand is Gwen Stefani. LAMB is popular on a global level and this year Gwen even showed her Winter collection 2011/2012 during the New York Fashion Week.

And now I´m at it: don´t forget Victoria Beckham: very, very successful with one of the most popular girlbands ever, is now an established fashion designer showing at the New York Fashion Week with collections that are sold out as soon they hit the stores or the online retailers..

As a woman I am very proud of these selfmade business women. GIRLPOWER!!!!!

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