How to keep or get a Killer body!

Stars like Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively look great!

But its not just the dress and the make up artist..its also hard work (and don´t forget the healthy diet: eat healthy and if you want to eat unhealthy just eat half of he portion: it works!)

Okay: I can hear you say: I work fulltime, am stuck in traffic jams (hate them) and have children/husband to feet and than have to the household and after that I am beat!!

I know it all to well myself: when Mini-me was very young and couldn´t be left alone it was hard to workout for me. Being a single working girl with fashionable Mini-me (that is like an accessory: a Mini-me instead of a little dog;)) I was happy to be able to handle the job, the child and the house…and that was it!

But since a year I can leave Mini-me alone for an hour and I go to the gym nearby and workout 3 times a week. And guess what: I stay in shape and remain what I had;) Besides that I feel really great and in a good mood after working out.

Key is to find a workout you like and a trainer you like. Power yoga and bodyshape is really fun.

So girls: no pain, no gain! And afterwards you feel G-R-E-A-T!!!!


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