The revival of the platform shoe started in 2006 and since then the platforms are getting higher and more extreme every season…up till the point that one wonders: how much higher can they get?

And not only higher and bigger but also more extreme models are seen on the catwalk AND on the stars: take for example Lady Gaga but also Beyoncé on the cover of her latest album “4”. Beyoncé “wears” “shoes” designed by our own Dutch fashion designer Jan Taminiau…the shoes are more jewels and a fashion statement than functional..

Brings us back to the question: how long can we go on designing higher platforms without looking a) ridiculous in them and b) breaking our neck?

Well: Front Row Chic and other trend-watchers predict the return of the modest pointy pump…so hang in there, girls! Help is on the way for our poor feet!!!! Jimmy Choo already has some great pointy pumps in the new collection: have a look at

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