Jane Fonda is present at the Cannes Film Festival and boy does this woman look good! Mind you: Jane is 73 years old!!!


Well, the answer is not THAT simple..

To maintain your looks like that is a lifetime of hard work!

We all know that Jane is exercising a lot! Remember her fitness videos from the Eighties? I remember jumping up and down in front of my tv with my bright coloured gym clothes training to copy what Jane was doing there;)

So:  a lifetime of exercising, healthy food, vitamines and in the beauty department: ALWAYS clean your face in the evening, apply day and night cremes, regular beauty treatments and as for plastic surgery: start with fillers in your Fourties and leave the nip-and-tuck for your fifties/sixties…

No smoking and very little alcohol! BORING???? Hmmmmmm….don´t know but BOY, it´s worth it!!!!

Have a look at Jane as seen earlier this week in Cannes and in her Aerobics days in the Eighties..

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