Hot new fashion label The Row ads purses to collection

Remember the cute twins from “Full house?”, the comedy hit series from the early 90’s?

Wish I had been so cute at the time, or maybe I was but maybe the parents of the twins were more clever than mine: WHATEVER!!!:) hmmm…jealous?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were rich before they could properly speak but instead of living the life of the rich and famous the twins went to NY University and NOW the twins even have a great hip and happening fashion brand: The Row…The Row is for sale on .

Besides clothing the twins just launched an oh so beautiful line of leather bags and purses…for a small 4.700 dollars you are the happy owner of a real The Row bag..

And let’s be honest: just from one girl to another one: you can’t put a price on a great bag, can you???? :)

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