Famed Vogue Stylist Grace Coddington, since 1988 working very closely with Anna Wintour, is writing down her memoir. The creative fashion director has allegedly signed a $ 1.2 million book deal with Random House.

Grace Coddington, maybe the most gifted stylist in the fashion industry, became famous and very loved after the movie “The September Issue”.

Her talent, combined with her down to earth take on the fashion industry plus de fact that Grace is a nice lady to everyone around her made her very popular. Besides that Grace has had (and still has) a very interesting life: born and raised in Wales and a famous model herself, she got into a car accident and her face was damaged in a way she could not model anymore. Since than Grace has been using her knowledge about Fashion first at English Vogue and since the late Eighties at American Vogue.

At 70, Grace is still one of the most influential women in the fashion industry, dictating the trends that ultimately will be worn by the women in the street..

I can’t wait for the memoir to be published!


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