Goodmorning, Fashionmonsters. Remember: the best things in life are free!

And you know what is for free and what brings a HUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEEEE smile on my face?

Well: it only takes a Twitter account which, of course, you have because you follow me on Twitter: frontrowchic!….Then go and follow “CondeElevator”..and you will read the funniest things heard in the elevator of the Conde Nast building where Vogue is situated.

I just became a follower, one of 19.000, and read the following latest Tweets:

Summer Intern: My driver had SUCH a bad attitude. I was like, “don’t complain to me, I didn’t eat lunch either! You think I eat clothes?”

And what about this one?

 [Girl holding brownie abashedly in elevator] Male coworker: I’m not judging you.

Girl: Omigod I love your dress so much I wish there was a ‘like’ button I could press.

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