Girls, some good advice to start the day

I don´t understand how a woman can leave the house

without fixing herself up up a little – if only out of politeness.

And then, you never know, maybe that´s the day she has a date with destiny.

And it´s the best to be as pretty as possible for destiny

By: Coco Chanel

Categories: A fashionable start of the day


  • Androgoth

    Yes it is always better to look one’s
    best, of course you girls have such an
    array of choices…

    Fashionista indeed…

    You certainly add many blogs in one day my
    friend, however I will comment on some of them,
    not that my thoughts will be of much use, as I
    don’t really follow fashion much, though I do
    agree that one should always do one’s best to
    look their best in whatever fashion is chosen.


    • frontrowchic

      Thanks for your comment! Your feedback is much appreciated. And yes I am very active: my goal is to become
      a real well known fashionblog;) I try to look my best every day, although I have to admit that some days I dont feel like it but there is certainly a point in trying to put a little effort in looking nice every day;)

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