Gap fails to attract customers: head designer sacked!

In its latest attempt to make Gap a more interesting store for customers the retailer sacked its head of design Patrick Robinson.

Robinson joined Gap in 2007 with the promise to make the brand more desirable for customers. In this he failed as sales did not go up since then: only down.

With so many fashion retailers who all follow the latest fashion trends like H&M but also Abercrombie & Fitch, Zara and Mango, Gap has failed to create its own identity..and I think that is the reason why Gap is not succesful.

I went to check out the collection at Gap in Forrest Hills, New York. I find the collection not very unique or special. But some of the basics are really good and to be honest: I did find some really nice leather ballet flats for 40 dollars which is a really good price. So: as far as I’m concerned there is still hope for Gap.

My advice: Ask Anna Wintour, the most influential woman in Fashion, for help!

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