How the show went on without John Galliano

Although it was not clear after the fall of John Galliano last week, the show did go on yesterday, be it in a much smaller scale than originally planned.

The low key presentation took place in a town house in Paris´ 16th district and only presented 20 looks (that is half of what is normally shown).

The designs though were in one word delicious, each and every one of them unique and worked out until the last details from head to toe. There was not one single design I did not like or I would not want to have in my own closet! The models, with hair and make up that reminded me of the 1920´s and early ´30´s, wore voluptuous coats trimmed with fur, tweet, volumnious tweet jackets paired with pencil skirts, sheer chiffon evening gowns…Well have a look yourself…each and every piece is a a unique one: please also pay attention to the heads and head pieces and the shoes, oh oh…I want it all!

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