From Catwalk to your closet: Prada

Seeing all the fashion shows with the most beautiful and original designs makes us at Front Row Chic very greedy.

Unfortunately we don´t have a sugar daddy but we DO want to look absolutely fabulous! So what to do? We at Front Row Chic are here to help you to look great without splurging your salary on one designer piece that MIGHT be out of fashion next year. It´s better to buy good basics that are a bit more expensive and that will last you for 3 to 4 years and spend wisely on fashionable items!

That said: let´s start with the first must-have item for this season: the colour striped top of Prada. This must- have can be worn with coloured pants/skirt or with a black or navy basic.

We found an almost identical top for you at Zara..have a look yourself.  Spend only 1/10 on the Zara- versus the Prada- top and splurge on a really good basic!

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