Fashion item of the week: the leopard-print cord pants of Etoile Isabel Marant

In the Netherlands we have a saying which, translated in English, goes like: “A smart girl is prepared for her future”. This saying is part of a Government campaign trying to teach girls that they have to be able to make their own money and not be dependent on a man. Very true! But what does that have to do with the Fashion item of the week?

Well: smart girls – smart Fashionistas –¬†are prepared for the new fashion season long before it begins..they see the importance of buying the best “key pieces” of the “hot” designers.

Today it’s very fashionable to combine designer fashion with high street fashion at stores like Zara, H&M,, Mango.

Fashion item of this week that I purchased at is the leopard print cord pants of Etoile by Isabel Marant.

With this skinny pants, which fits like a glove and is very comfortable due to the stretch quality, you can also make a fashion statement in the weekends; either combined with biker boots or with these great Christian Louboutin spiked pumps..put on a simple knitted sweater of, by example, H&M in beige, black or stone red, et voila: ready to go!

For the great pants, biker boots of Jimmy Choo (als great once to be found at and pumps go quickly to and for the nice and fitted sweaters to

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