Dutch Fashion designer Monique Collignon designs for staff ferry services

Monique Collignon, one of the Dutch top designers, just closed a contract with Wagenborg passagiersdiensten, the firm that is responsible for the ferry services to and from the Dutch islands North of the Netherlands.

Monique has signed a contract for 15 years with the company and will design the clothing range of the staff on – and around – the ferry services. The clothing line will be nautical and very pleasant to look at and wear: Mr van Langen, MD of Wagenborg: “for our passengers the holiday starts ON the Ferry”..

Obviously this line of clothing will be approached in a different way than the Pret-a-porter or couture collection but Monique tells us she can relate to the environment of Wagenborg which is important in designing the collection.

Can’t wait to see the collection; must soon go to one of the Dutch islands! For more information on the collection of Monique Collignon please visit her website at www.moniquecollignon.com

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