Do you have enough flair to wear the Flare?

Jumpsuits, dresses and now the Flare pants…fashion trends of today inspired by the Seventies..

Makes me think of Disco, Bianca Jagger and Studio 54 (not that I´m old enough to have been there;) but ofcourse I´ve seen the photos and videos of that time).

So, as I said the Flare is back: after years of leggings and The Skinny we have to “re-programm” and get used to the Flare again.

To be honest: I don´t know if it´s for me.

But it can be a boho chic or very elegant look if combined the right way..

Back in the Seventies: Bianca Jagger with a lot of Flare (and flair!)

And this is how its worn today: Jeans with Flare!














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