Dior: and how the show went on without Galliano

We all know the saying: the show must go on!

After the bad publicity around designer John Galliano (and his dismissal) so soon before the showing of the Ready to wear Autumn/Winter collection ´11/´12 everyone was curious about the show. The show, being held this afternoon at the Rodin museum, started with a speech of CEO Sidney Toledano. Toledano explained the audience that Dior was bigger than a single designer. The rest of designer team went out of their way the last few days to finish the last work on the collection while being under a lot of pressure because of the bad publicity and departure of Galliano.

The collection itself was strong as ever and consisted of velvet knickerboxes, long capes, lightweight blouses and pretty dresses.

The last bow at the end of the show was, well deserved, for the atelier staff..


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