Delicious Bergdorf..

A few weeks ago I told (and showed) you everything about my all time favourite high-profile store EVER: Bergdorf Goodman in New York..

I can´t say enough positive things about it and not much negative ones..My best friend Nil, CEO and founder of, one of the best e-learning companies around. learned me some do´s and dont´s about blogging.

One of them is: do not only be positive about a store/designer/whatever..always add a critical point…hmm..let me think about one for Bergdorf Goodman ..think …think…think…okay…they are expensive..but that is about it!!!

Anyway: since I´m back in rainy Holland I could not attend the fashion show of Bergdorf Goodman that is going on RIGHT NOW in the great stylish restaurant on the 5th floor but….I do have some pics..enjoy!!!!

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