Dali at ArtZuid Amsterdam

As you know I’m a City Girl (oh…that sounds SO SEX AND THE CITY: I love saying that!).

Most of the time I drive – well speed is a better word – through Amsterdam Center and South to drop off Mini-me at school or to do whatever it is a Fashionista does..(DON’T ASK!!)

Anyway..I drove through Amsterdam Zuid (South): the nicest area of Amsterdam and suddenly I saw all these statues standing there in the green “park like” area of the Apollolaan. And not just 1 or 2 but 50-something..(WHEN DID THEY PUT THEM THERE?)

A diversity of different kind of statues made of different kind of materials: wood, iron, used wheels put together to an actual working “thing”,  a wooden egg, the cutest little man on top of a huge golden turtle, colored flowers, an elephant on very long legs that turns out to be a work of art made by DALI!!!!

Also work from Corneille and artists like Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely.

So: when visiting Amsterdam this summer please take a nice walk and visit the FREE exhibition and then go to the Beethovenstraat (a 2 minute walk) for a nice cappuccino at the Coffee company! Even I, as a City girl, think this is the perfect day in Amsterdam!

I took some photos to give you an idea about the exhibition:

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