The couture show of Chanel had the look and feel of a film noir. Karl Lagerfeld wrote the perfect script for it—Coco’s own life story.

At least that was one way to look at a collection that seemed to chop through time. It clearly wasn’t a chronological arc. The show opened with Chanel tweed suits, which didn’t make their appearance until the twenties, and it closed with “lamp shade” evening silhouettes that echoed the work of Paul Poiret, the early twentieth-century Parisian designer whom Chanel helped render irrelevant with her innovations.

If the clothes themselves were any guide, Lagerfeld wanted to preserve Coco’s mystery. The collection was so dominated by shades of black, gray, and midnight blue that the odd accents of fuchsia looked like less-than-happy accidents.

All in all: in my opinion not the strongest Chanel couture collection ever: the swing must be found in details like the heads, gloves and boots..and compared to other couture collection like Christian Dior I miss the touch of creativity, sexiness and fun.

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