OH MY LOUIS VUITTON!!!!!!!! Marc Jacobs and his design team really outshine themselves this time!!! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Sofia Coppola, YES THAT SOFIA: the movie director SOFIA, co-designed the Resort collection 2012..

The designs are flashbacks to the 40’s, ’60’s and ’70’s with the use of primary colours like Red, Blue and White..Lots of attention for the details..I have to sigh very, very deep as I can not afford ANY of this GREAT collection…but I can have a really close look, dream and get inspired…a girl needs to have dreams….:)

HOT or NOT?????

Usually I looooooooooooove the way Sara Jessica Parker is dressed but I don´t know about this outfit…

Sarah is dressed by – no less – my friends of Dolce & Gabbana but I am not a fan of this dress on her..

Too white for her, too long…

What do you think? Hot or not? Let me know!

A girly heaven in Soho: Anna Sui

This girl will always stay a girl…and girls get really excited from girly stuff….and so do I! Already told you that Mini me sometimes has to hold me back from being tooooooooooo enthusiastic but when entering the Anna Sui shop in Soho even Mini me could not control herself anymore:)

The black and purple shop is decorated so lovely with girly things: beautiful dresses, bracelets, earrings (I bought a pair), shoes, boots, nail polish (Mini me bought a great glittery nail polish), bags and  many many more things from heaven.

We just missed the great designer Anna Sui herself, who was in the store just minutes ago, but the friendly staff made up for that…have a look yourself….

Anna Sui: 113 Greene Street, New York!

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