The colour blocking trend started last Spring and we will keep on “colour blocking” this Fall and Winter as well.. great news as I’m not a big fan of a “dark” winter season..

This girl, pictured in New York today, really knows how to work the colour blocking trend for coming season: great orange leather pencil skirt and bottle green silk shirt..WE LIKE!!!!

Counting down for Queensday

Ofcourse we are all totally romantic and talking about the wedding of Kate and William today but tomorrow its……PARTYTIME!!!!

Queensday in the Netherlands is one big party! Everybody is on the street…and there is so much to do!

Live music on the streets…eating, drinking, selling your stuff and finding new treasures….my dream: to find a great designer bag for 1 EUR or so….(well, a girl must have dreams)…

So time for the last Queensday styling tip: finish your look with an orange Hermes bag!!!!

Happy Qeensday:)

Amsterdam is ready….are you?

The Netherlands turn completely orange on Queensday and if you want to get rid of some stuff: this is the day…in Amsterdam people mark a spot on the sidewalk up to a week before THE DAY…No one else will put his stuff there: its yours for the day.

The tourist shops in Amsterdam are also ready as you can see.

So if you visit our capital city: quickly buy something orange and become a Dutchie for one day!!!!!!

Stylish Queen in orange..

Our Queen Beatrix and the Royal family visit another city every year. This year our Queen will visit Weert a city situated in the south of the Netherlands.

She is always accompanied by our lovely princess Maxima and Prince Willem Alexander plus the other princes and princesses…

Well, Front Row Chic has a styling tip for our princesses…what about this gorgeous orange leather dress ¬†“Edina” of Ladress?????

And you can look like a princess as well if you go to

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