Supermodel en Top DJ to go into space in 2014

Come 2014, Doutzen will be heading into space!

The new mom plans to be part of the Space Expedition Curacao – as one of the first fifteen founder astronauts who were personally invited to be part of the experience. She’ll join other well known individuals such as – also Dutch! – DJ Armin van Buuren to celebrate the inaugural move into the world of commercial space travel.

Doutzen: “My work has brought me literally to the most beautiful places on earth. Yet nothing seems to be as beautiful as the sight of Earth from space”.

Needless to say that we are very proud of our Dutchies!


Royal wedding in less than 3 weeks and Kate is ready!

Kate, who is to be named Catherine in the future, and Prince William had their last official engagement today before their marriage.

Kate looks as ready and radiant as a bride to be can be with her svelte figure and new hairdo and make-up.

She is quite a elegant lady of which prince William and the UK can be proud!


Marc Jacobs Intl and how twitter can damage a company name

Nowadays all respectable designers, Fashion companies and Stars have a twitter account so we can all follow what the designer or the Company is doing. Mostly it is meant to update us on new products, shows or point out that this-and-that Celeb is wearing this-and-that design on the Cover of, for example, Vogue.

Some companies have even hired a specialist to keep up the Social Media: updating Facebook, build a Community around the brand and….here it comes again: send out Twitter messages.

H&M has hired a specialist who has a dayjob in this area and Christopher Bailey, designer of Burberry, takes building a Community in the Social Media just as serious as designing Collections. He even brainstorms with the CEO of Verizone in order to develop this kind of Marketing more and more in the future.

But if not used in the right way Social Media also can be damaging for a brand.

A company that has not been cautious enough is Marc Jacobs Int. CEO Robert Duffy took it upon himself to keep the brands 114.000 followers updated via Twitter but than decided it was better to hire someone special for the job.

Was this because he shocked the fashion set with a tweet about his lack of preparation for the designer’s New York catwalk show in Autumn 2010?

He wrote: ‘Any ideas for a stage set for our fashion show? It’s at the armory on 27th Street. I’m stuck. No idea. Something minimal please? I have one week!’

Last month Mr Duffy launched a search for his replacement on the social networking website. Lots of Fashionistas applied for the job but out of thousands applications and 50 personal interviews Mr Duffy found no one to his liking. Did he Twitter that? No, an dissatisfied Intern did! The Intern who was asked to keep up The Tweets for the company send out a range of Tweets complaining on how Mr Duffy was a “Tyrant” and “how he was praying for his successor” as the Intern was leaving..

Let´s hope this was the last we hear about – to say the least- the clumsy Twitter behaviour of Marc Jacobs Int!

It seems that being responsible for the Social Media within a company is a serious job!



Mr Duffy and Marc Jacobs

Elisabeth Taylor passes away

Actress and Hollywood Legend Elisabeth Taylor has passed away at the age of 79. Elisabeth Taylor, known for her beauty and multiple marriages, died of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she had been hospitalized for about six weeks. Her children were with her.

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