Victoria Beckham does it again! After being very successful with the Spice Girls Victoria launched her own fashion range a few years ago with VB jeans. The business developed into two fashion lines: Victoria and Victoria Beckham which both show during the New York Fashion Week. Posh always had passion for fashion but could never imagine to become such a succesful designer who dresses the A-list stars like Kate Winslet and Cheryl Cole. The first 3 months of this year the fashion line of Posh generated more than a staggering 23 million dollars! In between Victoria gave birth to her 4th child, finally a little mini-me: Harper!

Is there anything Posh can’t turn into a success? Congrats girl!!


Spring collection 2012 Victoria Beckham


It’s a sweet (af)fair..fancy some chocolate?

Well if you do…there is enough for us all!

Believe it or not: there is actually a special CHOCOLATE FAIR IN Paris, France, named “Salon du Chocolat”…and it must be said: the chocolatiers have outdone themselves creating chocolate dresses that floated over a true catwalk..the models were having fun and tried to eat a little bit of their outfits now and then..

Presenter Karine Ferri wore a very creative chocolate dress which kind of melted and fell off her during the show: but Karine being a professional kept her cool and proceeded. I guess even at a Chocolate Fair the show must go on!:)


Miu Miu has a change of heart

There was a lot of talking going on when Miu Miu announced using 14-year-old Hailey Steinfeld to model the Autumn/winter Ready-to-wear collection 2011/2012.

One of the heard comments was how models seem te be getting younger every year and how it’s not realistic to see fashion on such young girls while the women who can afford this kind of design items are at least 20 years older.

Miu Miu seem to have listened to the critics as for the next campaign 34-year-old model Guinevere is hired..and to tell you the truth: this grown-up-fashion seems more suitable shown by an adult woman!

Some good news to start the day!

Girls, great news!

Shoe – and bag designer Jimmy Choo has made the wise decision to open a Flagship store in Amsterdam!

THE shopping street of Amsterdam, PC Hooftstraat is the lucky one to welcome Jimmy Choo in the summer of 2012…not a day too soon (wish they would open tomorrow;) but this gives me the opportunity to start saving for a great pair of pumps or boots!



How organic is YOUR wardrobe? Go natural in the most fashionable way!

We’re all talking “Green”, eating  biological as much as possible and trying to be energy-conscious..but what about our clothing? The last decades special fair trade clothing brands have been launched. I don’t know about you but I never seem to get myself to really look into this kind of conscious clothing. Thinking about it I get visions of “backpacking kind of brownish outfits: colorless t-shirts with non-fashionable pants”..may be a bit of a bias but in the past true as the “green and conscious people of years ago” were the non-fashionable nerdy ones while in fact they were FAR AHEAD of us all!!!!

Nowadays the trendy brands have launched collections of VERY trendy organic/conscious fashion. For this fall I’ve spotted “beauties” that are organic: You can feel good wearing it, not only because you look GREAT in them but also because you’re GOING GREEN!

The first gem is Angelina of LaDress, the newest rose tunic dress of organic silk:

and the second one is a great cream lace dress of H&M of the Conscious line H&M has just launched, made of biological cotton,


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