Forget sample sales—the latest way to acquire cut-price designer goods, at least in Southern California, is through divorcée sales.

Apparently, wealthy, formerly married California women are sloughing off their DVF wrap dresses and designer shoes through private sales held ‘in the ballrooms of upscale hotels.’

Organiser Jill Alexander told us that her sales give newly divorced women a chance to break with the past, downsize and trade baggage for cash as they embark on their single lives. The process of preparing a sale sounds like it verges on the therapeutic: ‘On a typical day, Ms Alexander shows up at the mansion of a stranger, bringing cupcakes, tissues and a shoulder to cry on. “It’s very intimate,” she said, “and it can get emotional.”’ Hmmmm…sounds like an interesting job..maybe even more interesting than sales in IT or fashion blogging;)

For Julie Spira, a divorced former radio and Internet executive who shifted her designer goods at a recent event, the sales offer hope of a recalibration. ‘I had a very glamorous lifestyle. I had to look a certain way,’ she said. She decided to sell 60 gowns, a Chanel bag and a diamond baguette necklace before selling the 4,800-square-foot home she shared with her husband. ‘It’s time for a more realistic lifestyle, I have 60 gowns and who needs 60 gowns?’ Spira said. ‘It’s a good feeling to let go.’

Well, Julie: we are happy to help you with that!

Dali at ArtZuid Amsterdam

As you know I’m a City Girl (oh…that sounds SO SEX AND THE CITY: I love saying that!).

Most of the time I drive – well speed is a better word – through Amsterdam Center and South to drop off Mini-me at school or to do whatever it is a Fashionista does..(DON’T ASK!!)

Anyway..I drove through Amsterdam Zuid (South): the nicest area of Amsterdam and suddenly I saw all these statues standing there in the green “park like” area of the Apollolaan. And not just 1 or 2 but 50-something..(WHEN DID THEY PUT THEM THERE?)

A diversity of different kind of statues made of different kind of materials: wood, iron, used wheels put together to an actual working “thing”,  a wooden egg, the cutest little man on top of a huge golden turtle, colored flowers, an elephant on very long legs that turns out to be a work of art made by DALI!!!!

Also work from Corneille and artists like Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely.

So: when visiting Amsterdam this summer please take a nice walk and visit the FREE exhibition and then go to the Beethovenstraat (a 2 minute walk) for a nice cappuccino at the Coffee company! Even I, as a City girl, think this is the perfect day in Amsterdam!

I took some photos to give you an idea about the exhibition:


Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton want to add more value to get you to buy very expensive goods.

Louis Vuitton is THE MONEYMAKER of the LVMH Group and the luxury brand company spends a lot of money so you can have the perfect luxury shopping experience. London’s Bond Street opened its Louis Vuitton flagship London store. The impressive three-storey building has a two storey wall of trunks, to showcase the Vuitton tradition of working in leather – and a glass and LED staircase. The cost of this building was not disclosed but is thought to be somewhere around 50m dollars.  An investment like this is not un-usual as it’s planned a long time ahead and the Flagship store should be up to date for at least 15 years.

But the most interesting about the new Flagship store isn’t the building but the artwork including oeuvres by Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons.Very clever as customers nowadays want to justify an investment like a very expensive bag (Even people fortunate enough to be able to buy a very expensive bag think again since the crisis)it should add something to their lives and when having the perfect experience and feel like being in a museum the luxury goods get a more “valuable” feel…and one can justify buying that must have bag.  

So when in London: have a look at the Flagship Louis Vuitton store: you can see the latest and greatest bags AND admire art: all-in-one: now THAT is to me the PERFECT experience!

Amsterdam City shopping, volume 3:)

Remember that we wrote about the great shopping/eating area “de 9 Straatjes”?

Well, now there is a special website for this great area in Amsterdam. 

Need some inspiration or see  the stores available in the 9 Straatjes? Or even want to purchase your favorite items online? Go to www.9straatjesonline.com


A cup is nothing without a cake;)…

..and they know it at Martha’s Country Bakery!

In Forrest Hills, Queens you can find the best cupcakes of Queens! And not only that; also beautiful cakes and other pastries…some of the cakes look like a work of art…

The staff is friendly and quick and the cappuccino is the best! Atmosphere in the tea room is good although the furniture could be a little bit more luxurious

Prices are not the lowest around but as the quality is great I’d say that’s okay!



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