Nathalie, where have we seen THAT dress before?????

One of Hollywood’s most talented AND beautiful actresses is without any doubt Nathalie Portman.

Last night during the Golden Globes she looked absolutely stunning in her shocking pink dress…very original as the red carpet was dominated with white, red and black dresses.

But where have we seen that dress before? On Marilyn Monroe during her famous movie/song “Diamonds are a girls best friend”..have a look  yourself..

And the Golden Globe for the best dress goes to….

Although recession hits everyone in the world I’ve never seen the stars look more beautiful, glamorous and polished as during the Golden Globes 2012 last night.

Old Hollywood Glamour all around…except for British/comedian Ricky Gervais who of course made sure the event did not become too stylish!:)

Have a look at the great Hollywood dresses: THE colour of the event was white with here and then a touch of Valentino red..

For me THE winner of the evening was Angelina Jolie who looked very stylish in old Hollywood school Glamour with the greatest accessorie a girl can hold: Brad Pitt!

Tel Aviv: Dancing on the street!

Tel Aviv is hip, hot and happening! And great weather! Yesterday my friend Oskar and I went to the beach. First we had breakfast outside, watching the people walking by and then, on the way to the beach we heard great music coming our way. Every Saturday, the rest day in Israel, there is music and dancing on the street near the beach! The Cha Cha Cha and dances I don’t know the name of came by so I took some pics specially of some fashionable and originally dressed ladies!

Weekend tip: have a look at Kates wedding gown in London!

No plans for the weekend yet? And feel like doing something special? Well, now is your chance to have a close look at the dress of all dresses: the wedding gown of Kate Middleton!

The dress is to take pride of place at Buckingham Palace’s annual summer exhibition this year. Tickets are sold for 25 dollars a piece and in the advance ticket sales already twice as much tickets are sold than last year. So if you want to go to the exhibition that will only last for 10 weeks this summer: be quick!

Have a look at the dress, shoes, wedding cake and silk replica of her flowers which are all on display.


Dali at ArtZuid Amsterdam

As you know I’m a City Girl (oh…that sounds SO SEX AND THE CITY: I love saying that!).

Most of the time I drive – well speed is a better word – through Amsterdam Center and South to drop off Mini-me at school or to do whatever it is a Fashionista does..(DON’T ASK!!)

Anyway..I drove through Amsterdam Zuid (South): the nicest area of Amsterdam and suddenly I saw all these statues standing there in the green “park like” area of the Apollolaan. And not just 1 or 2 but 50-something..(WHEN DID THEY PUT THEM THERE?)

A diversity of different kind of statues made of different kind of materials: wood, iron, used wheels put together to an actual working “thing”,  a wooden egg, the cutest little man on top of a huge golden turtle, colored flowers, an elephant on very long legs that turns out to be a work of art made by DALI!!!!

Also work from Corneille and artists like Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely.

So: when visiting Amsterdam this summer please take a nice walk and visit the FREE exhibition and then go to the Beethovenstraat (a 2 minute walk) for a nice cappuccino at the Coffee company! Even I, as a City girl, think this is the perfect day in Amsterdam!

I took some photos to give you an idea about the exhibition:

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