Jane Fonda is present at the Cannes Film Festival and boy does this woman look good! Mind you: Jane is 73 years old!!!


Well, the answer is not THAT simple..

To maintain your looks like that is a lifetime of hard work!

We all know that Jane is exercising a lot! Remember her fitness videos from the Eighties? I remember jumping up and down in front of my tv with my bright coloured gym clothes training to copy what Jane was doing there;)

So:  a lifetime of exercising, healthy food, vitamines and in the beauty department: ALWAYS clean your face in the evening, apply day and night cremes, regular beauty treatments and as for plastic surgery: start with fillers in your Fourties and leave the nip-and-tuck for your fifties/sixties…

No smoking and very little alcohol! BORING???? Hmmmmmm….don´t know but BOY, it´s worth it!!!!

Have a look at Jane as seen earlier this week in Cannes and in her Aerobics days in the Eighties..

Let the sunshine, Let the sunshine in, the sunshine in!

And believe me: the sunshine will be there right away with the newest Chanel summer colour!

Let the sunshine

Let the sunshine in

the sunshihine in…

Let the sunshine in…..


Bergdorf & Goodman: thanks for letting me use this yellow mellow photo;)

Trend alert: orange make up this summer

Spotted first at the Derek Lam SS2011 fashion show; models with orange make up.

It´s certainly a sunny colour and combined with a white outfit a great combination.

Estee Lauder has launched a great orange coloured make up range..but be careful how you use it: you don´t want to look like a clown (I think I would look like a clown with orange make up so I am not taking the risk;))

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